Motivating Effective Change

Motivating Effective Change

It's not always easy to instigate a change within a business or to encourage a particular behaviour. Whither you are undergoing a full restructure or just want to tighten up a specific procedure, communication and employee engagement are key to success.

Gamification and digital technology can be used very effectively to communicate, motive and encourage employees to get on board with the change.

Gamification describes the broad application of game mechanics to non-game environments to motivate people and drive specific behaviors.

There is no out of the box solution, every situation is different. The change required, the culture of the organisation, the personalities of the people involved all influence the techniques used and how they are implemented.

Here are a few examples:

Google – Travel Expense System

Problem: Employees not submitting their expenses claims in a timely manner.

Solution: A travel expenses system was set up; employees were allocated an allowance for different locations. An employee logs their expenses and if they are lower than the allocation they can then select what happens to the remaining money. They can choose to have the money paid to them in their next pay check, save the money and put it towards upgrading a future business trip, or donating the money to charity.

Results: 100% compliance within 6 months

Microsoft Language Quality

Problem: Microsoft has products in a large number of languages and ensuring the accuracy and quality of translations is a huge job.

Solution: A system was set up a simple application with screens and employees from across the company, across the world were encouraged to correct and/or improve the translations. Leaderboards were created for individuals and for each language to tap into national pride. Japan took a day off company-wide to play the game. They won that leaderboard!

Results: 500,000 screens were reviews by 4500 different employees.

"In many ways this played to people's enjoyment in their ability to use their native languages and their national and corporate pride," (Microsoft Director)

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