What’s in it for them?

What’s in it for them?

Websites are often described as a shop front for a business. Giving companies the opportunity to showcase their business and create the right impression.

That is true, but if you are looking for people to engage with your website on an ongoing basis it needs to be more than that. You need to think about ‘what’s in it for them?’ The old saying “build it and they will come” does not apply to websites.

Often we talk to clients about their web project and they ask a lot of questions about functionality, questions like ‘if someone does this can we make that happen?’. However, when we ask them who this someone is, and why they would do that, there is often a pause.

This is when we ask ‘what’s in it for them?’

Take a few minutes and have a think about websites that you visit regularly. What is it about those sites that keep you going back?

Here are a few reasons (in no particular order) why people might choose to visit a website over and over again…

  • Simplicity – people like things that are simple and easy. What ever you want people to do on your site, make is really easy to do.
  • Quality Content – if the content on the website is fresh, interesting, and well written then people will come back.
  • Security – if people trust a website and feel that the company takes security seriously then they are more likely to use the site again.
  • Community/Personal interest – it might be that you are focusing on a particular area that has people interested already. That might be enough to get them to visit once or twice, but for ongoing engagement you will need to offer more.

If you are looking to create a website or web application that is focused on repeat visits and user engagement, then get in touch. It’s what we specialise in!

Chat to us about your aims and we put together a strategy that will ensure engagement.

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