Liveable Lives

Liveable Lives

Liveable Lives is a research project run by the University of Brighton, in partnership with Universities in America and India. The project looks at what makes life liveable, rather than just bearable, for LGBTQ people in the UK and India. The Research Team needed to create an identity for the project. They needed a web application (web app) and a responsive website that would allow people to easily participate in the research. The web app and website was created in three languages, making it more accessible in certain parts of India. Security was top of mind with this project. Because of it's nature, it was likely it could draw unwanted attention in the form of cyber attacks. It was also essential to keep people's data secure. To do this SSL encryption was added to the app and website. To help counter attacks, such as DDOS, the whole site was integrated with Cloudflare Content Delivery Network (CDN). Using the CDN provided a large number of security features to help us deal with any such attacks. It also enables the site to remain online, even if the main server suffered an outage.

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The key element of this project was to create a user-friendly mobile web app that worked across all modern mobile devices. It was built using the lightweight jQuery Mobile framework for maximum useability.

Logo & Branding

We created a logo for the project as well as a brand identity that was used throughout the project, in the web app, the website and printed materials.

Desktop Website

We also created a responsive desktop website that allowed the team to host more detailed information about the project.

Social Media

We set up all the appropriate social media channels for the team, and provided training and advice around how to use these channels to promote their project and increase engagement.

Membership System

The membership system allows users to register and create a profile. Their profile personalises the site and their interaction with the app. It also allows them to interact with the site and answer surveys without having to answer personal questions again.


We provided a custom-made integrated survey system to allow people to log-in and answer various surveys. The surveys were written in three languages and participants could choose their preferred language.

Discussion Forum

A discussion forum was created that would allow participants to start, join conversations and invite other members to join conversations. The Research Team had the ability to edit or remove any conversations that were not appropriate.

Analytics & SEO

Google analytics is set up as standard on all our sites. We also ensure that our websites are search engine optimised.