Vivify Intelligence

Vivify Intelligence

Cybersecurity is a BIG issue at the moment. As technology gets more sophisticated so do the hackers.

According to the UK Government’s ‘Information Security Breaches Survey 2015’ 90% of all large organisations have had a data breach. But they weren't alone as 74% of small businesses also had a data breach. For large organisations It cost an average of £1.46m - £3.14m and £75k - £311k for small businesses.

Inadvertent Human Error

50% of those breaches were due to inadvertent human errors by staff.  A business can defend their systems with all the security in the world, but it only takes one staff member to inadvertently install Malware to potentially cost their employer millions.

Many companies already provide training for staff, but unfortunately the training is mostly ineffective and breaches still happen. It's time for a new strategy.

At Vivify we take a different approach. We combine experiential learning, behaviour change theory and gamification. Using these techniques we create interactive, engaging and effective cybersecurity programmes.

Cybersecurity Behaviours

We don't focus on what employees need to be told about cybersecurity. Instead, we look at what behaviours and habits people need to adopt to improve cybersecurity. Vivify Intelligence is designed to motivate, support and incentivise employees to adopt these new behaviours. We focus on the personal benefits as well as the business, as the two things are closely tied.

Vivify Intelligence is integrated with your organisation's policies and procedures to create a custom-made programme tailored for your environment and employees. 

Free Consultation

If you would like a free consultation, contact us and find out how Vivify Intelligence can help you minimise the risk of a costly information breach.