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Making Positive Behaviour Change Happen

Harnessing the power of digital technology
to make change fun and engaging.

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We help you use the power of technology to create positive experiences for positive change.

Digital technology already influences just about everything we do. How we shop, bank, communicate, even the way we fall in love. Vivify takes technology one step further and makes change fun!

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Measurable Impact

The old saying – if you can’t measure it don’t do it. Luckily there is not much we can’t measure.

Our programmes generate meaningful, real time data.

We know decisions made and money spent need to be justified. We build in tools that give you quantitative and qualitative data to make reporting a doddle.

Vivify Intelligence

90% of all large organisations suffered a security breach in 2015. It cost them an average of £1.46m - £3.14m.

Don't add to the 2016 statistics.

Vivify Intelligence is an interactive platform designed to teach people how to recognise, avoid & deal with cybersecurity threats. Both professionally and personally. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Light bulb moment

So, you know the results you need but haven’t quite had that light bulb moment yet.

Or its not as bright as you would like.

No problem, that is where we come in. Tell us what results you are trying to achieve and let us have the light bulb moment for you.


  • Thank you so much for all your hard work. Your knowledge of behaviour change and wellbeing as well as the technology was invaluable in bring this project to life.

    Alison : Arun Wellbeing
  • As a non-techy person I have found working with Vivify very easy. They have explained the techy stuff to me in a way that I have been able to understand, and more impressively have been able to interpret my ideas for the website look and function into a reality, even when my thoughts were still developing in my head. They respond to queries in a timely manner. I felt that they genuinely wanted my website to be as much as a success as I did.

    Sue : Public Health team, West Sussex