360 Virtual Tours

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A 360 degree virtual tour is a great way to increase your visibility and give your customers a detailed look at your business.

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What is a 360 Tour?

Put simply, it provides the ability to showcase a physical location without needing people to be physically present. It’s made up of a series of panoramic photographs that are linked together, giving people 360 degree views of a physical space.

Other media, such as video, audio, text and images can be integrated with the tour, providing people with a rich interactive experience. No special equipment or software is needed to view the tour. Just a standard web browser.

Why Would You Want This?

You may be familiar with 360 tours from estate agent websites, where you get to take a detailed look at a property without physically visiting it. But such tours aren’t restricted to property for sale. If you have a business that could benefit from giving people a closer look behind the scenes of, for example, a workshop, performance space or hotel, then a virtual tour is ideal.

If you’re a trainer or tutor, we can even set up an interactive course with integrated quizzes and tests embedded within the virtual tour.

Studio Panorama
360 Panorama Photo (without 360 viewer)

Other Benefits Include:

  • As the virtual tour has a URL like any other website, you can increase engagement by promoting the link across social media platforms. This helps drive more traffic to your website where you can direct visitors to take action, resulting in increased conversions and sales.
  • A virtual tour can also improve the SEO ranking of your website by integrating it with Google maps and enhancing your social media presence.
  • If you have the sort of business that relies on customers visiting your premises, you can entice people to make a booking by giving them a detailed tour.
  • A 360 virtual tour can be used to showcase products or services by integrating them within the tour, allowing visitors to view a product in more detail with a close up photo and description. The photo can even be a 360 image of a product, giving potential customers a 3d view. It can also improve customer education and product understanding, reducing customer service inquiries.

Little Planet
360 Panorama - Little Planet


Bowden House School

The tour gives a visitor a good sense of the important parts of the school. As Bowden House is a boarding school, it includes student living areas as well as classrooms and sports facilities. There are videos integrated in the tour that take viewers beyond the empty hallways and classrooms, showing students using some of the facilities.

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Academy of Creative Training (ACT)

ACT is a drama school based in Kemp Town, Brighton. As well as providing spaces for actor training, it has it’s own theatre and cafe/bar. The Lantern Theatre is used for both student and professional productions. For example, the Lantern is very popular with performers during the Brighton Fringe, and is used all year round for runs of various plays and performances. The virtual tour allows students and performers to get a good sense of the spaces within the building and the available facilities.

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My First Word

My First Word is a childcare facility situated in Hove, East Sussex. As most parents want to see the premises before they commit to sending their child there, it made perfect sense to have a virtual tour available for them to see the place before booking an appointment to physically go there.

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