About Vivify

Who We Are

We are a small team with a ton of expertise & experience in building websites, producing videos and creating 360 virtual tours.

Vivify was created in 2013 to specialise in the development of health and fitness web applications that integrated gamification, mainly for local authorities and universities.

Since then we have broadened our remit to develop websites and web applications, produce videos and create 360 virtual tours for a variety of businesses and industries.

Meet the team

Nick Lazar


Nick spent many years in the telecoms industry working for the likes of BT, Telstra, Optus and MCI Worldcom. He has a ton of technical and business experience in the telecom and web industries having started his first web company, 8bits Media, in Australia back in 2004. He also has a filmmaking Masters degree from the University of Sussex and a Masters in screenwriting from Birkbeck, University of London.

Craig Allen


Craig is the man that does all the hard stuff. He has masses of experience building web applications and has been involved with numerous software projects, both large and small. He is a graduate in Computer Science from the University of Sunderland and has worked with us since 2013.

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